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Commander's Corner

96 CCCThe Commander's Corner link on the Eglin home page will serve as the link to CAL items that are of broader interest to the entire base population.  For example, if there are significant changes to road traffic patterns or facilities closures that might impact a large number of Team Eglin members, you will find answers to those questions routinely posted to the Commander's Corner link.

The Interactive Customer Evaluation tool collects feedback on services provided by various organizations throughout Eglin Air Force Base. The tool is designed to improve service through customer comments, questions or concerns vetted directly to the service provider and get quick responses back to customers.

Most base functions are listed through ICE and range from administrative issues, personnel services, health, housing, facilities management and money or finance to name a few.  If you have a question about the pharmacy, safety and security, gate operations, or housing, ICE is the tool to use first.  ICE is recommended as the initial line of communication for customer feedback and allows base functions to track and monitor their service. To submit an ICE survey.

The Commanders' Action Line is used primarily by base personnel for comments, questions or concerns that have not been adequately addressed through the ICE system or may be of a particularly sensitive nature that requires anonymity or the immediate attention of the installation commander and the senior staff. Feedback submitted through the line is considered high-priority, usually affecting the larger base population. As a direct link to the installation commander, CAL items are looked into and responded to by the wing commander. To submit a CAL. 


Interactive Customer Evaluation - Got a comment, question, rating or suggestion about Eglin AFB support.  Just click on the link to go to the online form.