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The Joint Staff (JS) J6 Joint Assessment Division (JAD) provides the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) with a robust capability to conduct full spectrum analysis of joint missions from the laboratory to the operational environments to produce data-driven assessments and recommendations that support decisions to improve Joint C5I and interoperability to enable a more lethal force.

JAD provides decision-quality data and actionable solutions to improve joint command and control information system effectiveness, usability, and interoperability.  JAD assessments for joint warfighter requirements and/or issues can be assessed in three ways:

  • Technical Assessments (Laboratory/Virtual):  Assess interoperability gaps and prove solutions in a controlled lab or virtual environment
  • Operational Assessments (Field / Exercise / Operational Environments):  Assess capabilities, identify shortfalls, and root cause analysis in operationally relevant environments
  • System of Systems Analysis:  Assess integration and interoperability of systems of systems to satisfy the Joint concept for C2 required capabilities

Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2) management:  JAD leads the JADC2 Demonstration and Assessment Working Group (DAWG).  This working group serves as the forum to improve C2 system interoperability and mission effectiveness through demonstrations and assessments.  This forum helps to accelerate and improve testing of C2 initiatives, and supports resolution of warfighter capability gaps by socializing and synchronizing assessment, experimentation, and demonstration activities.

JAD Expertise:

  • Joint & combined event assessment planning, execution, analysis and reporting

•    Emerging technology integration and spiral development experimentation analysis

•   Laboratory, tactical, and operational assessments in the following mission areas:

  • JADC2 Programs & Assessments
  • C2 System of Systems -Joint Interoperability and Integration Capability Analysis
  • C4 and Cyber System Capability Assessments
  • Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Sensor-to-Shooter Interoperability Analysis (ISR, DACAS, Joint Fires)
  • Digitally-Aided Close Air Support Analysis
  • Integrated Air & Missile Defense
  • Mission Partner Environments
  • Federated Mission Networks
  • Laboratory and field environments, networks, communications, gateways, Information Technology (IT), certified tower climbing

JAD is a subordinate Division of the JS J6 Deputy Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers/Cyber Integration (DD C5I).  Contact information for this Division is:  (850) 882-6700 or DSN 872-6700.

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