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The Joint Staff J6 Joint Deployable Analysis Team (JDAT) analyzes current and future warfighter systems and procedures in field conditions to address Joint integration and interoperability issues to improve combat effectiveness and reduce fratricide and collateral damage.

What JDAT Does
• Deploys—to the field, exercises, austere environments
• Transports—equipment, software, and our Transportable Analysis and Networking Center (TANC)
• Connects—communications, networks (Joint/multinational), tactical data links, instrumentation
• Collects—system data, truth data or Time-Space-Position Information (TSPI), audio (comms), video (imagery) in real time
• Analyzes—during mission operations (in real time) to provide immediate feedback and conducts in-depth analysis after an event
• Manages—data by reducing and archiving it
• Reports—results and findings from fact-based, root-cause analysis
• Recommends—solutions and fixes, including Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP)
• Collaborates—with Service Centers for Lessons Learned and select-DOD schoolhouses
• Contributes—to handbooks, bulletins, newsletters, Joint and multi-Service publications, TTP and doctrine
• Produces—plans, reports, articles, and briefings as well as analytical tools and software

JDAT’s Expertise
• Joint and Combined event planning, execution, analysis, reporting
• Tactical to operational assessments in these mission areas
   o Command and Control (C2)
   o Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS)
   o Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)
   o Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD)
   o Air to ground
   o Cyber
• Infrastructure support
   o Networks, communications, gateways, Information Technology (IT), certified tower climbing
• Analysis tools
   o Deployable and distributed mission monitoring/data collection using Joint Windows Warfare Assessment Model (JWinWAM), Data Collection Architecture for Analytical Feedback (DCAAF), Extreme Digital Audio Recording Enhanced System (XDARES)

Who JDAT Serves
A subordinate division of the Joint Staff J6’s Deputy Director for Cyber and Command, Control, Communications, and Computers [C4] Integration (DD C5I), JDAT serves
• Combatant Commands (COCOMs)
• Service Operational Test Activities (OTAs)
• Under Secretary of Defense (USD) Acquisition Technology and Logistics (AT&L)
• Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E)
• Service-specific Battle Labs and Centers of Excellence
• Service and Coalition Program Managers (PMs)/system program offices
• The Warfighter!

JDAT’s Ongoing Projects
• JS J6’s Bold Quest Coalition Capability Demonstration and Assessment series
• U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)’s Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) CC-0558
• Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Squad X Core Technologies Experimentation
• DOT&E Mark XIIA Identification, Friend or Foe (IFF) Mode 5 assessment events

JDAT’s Staff
• U.S. Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force active duty personnel provide recent operational and combat experience
• Government civilian and contractor workforce bring an average 20+ years’ experience per team member planning, analyzing, and reporting on complex Joint integration and interoperability issues

Contact Us
Joint Deployable Analysis Team (JDAT) 104 Biscayne Road Eglin AFB, FL 32542 (850) 882-6700 DSN 872-6700

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