Boating safety reminder

  • Published
  • By Safety office
  • Air Armament Center
A recent injury at one of our on-base boat launch ramps has caused us to take a closer look at some possible hidden hazards lurking just below the ramp launch surface.

An Eglin member suffered a cut to his leg when he stepped down into a hole in the underwater part of the ramp. We would like to offer some precautionary information for boat launch safety.

1. Before stepping into the water, visually inspect the launch ramp for hazards such as a steep drop off, slippery areas and sharp objects.

2. When launching a boat it is always safer and easier with some assistance. The ideal situation is to have one person in the boat and one observer at the water's edge to help guide the driver of the tow vehicle. Keep the rear wheels of the tow vehicle out of the water as this will keep the exhaust pipes out of the water.

3. Unhook the bow safety restraint and at this point, the boat should launch with a light shove or by backing off the trailer under power.

Also, prior to launch consider this: If your boat is too large to float onto your trailer at the yacht club; please consider using the ramp at Postal Point.