Making history is a team effort

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On May 5, the Eglin Enlisted Heritage Committee was assembled and comprised of 13 enlisted representatives from around Team Eglin, chaired by Master Sgt. Keith McCabe. 

The committee consists of all ranks from airman 1st class to chief master sergeant. Each private organization, such as the Chiefs' Group, First Sergeants Council, Top 3, and Air Force Sergeants' Association, make up this committee along with members from the Junior Force Council, Enlisted Advisory Council, and various other Airmen throughout Eglin. 

In July of this year, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Rodney J. McKinley challenged senior enlisted leaders in Montgomery AL. 

"I'd like to see heritage extend to the walls of every squadron, the walls of every dormitory, the walls of every enlisted club, to show our enlisted heritage throughout every base," Chief McKinley said.

Chief Master Sgt. Troy Engholm, 96th Air Base Wing command chief, echoed his vision.

"The foundation of this committee is inspirational for senior enlisted leaders from past and present," he said. "The enlisted club has been awaiting heritage on the walls for two years, and what this committee has achieved in a short period of time is simply remarkable. I'm humbled by the generosity of our Team Eglin private organizations. Without their assistance, we would still be at ground zero. Enlisted heritage is imperative for our young airmen to visualize where we came from and for our leaders of today and yesterday not to forget our enlisted history and our core values."

The Enlisted Heritage Committee is a Team Eglin effort including Claire Luke and John James from Parks Photographic Laboratory, Indyne, and Mark Brogan from the 796th Civil Engineer Squadron. 

"Their expertise, knowledge, and creativity topped off the 'team' effort. The heritage committee is highly committed, energetic, and brings value-added creativity that is invaluable," said Sergeant McCabe. 

The committee is currently working two heritage projects; the Enlisted Club and the Base Theater. The Base Theater will be enriched with enlisted heritage throughout the facility and the enlisted club's theme is "Air Force Enlisted ... Then and Now" with collages from Air Force beginning up to the current date, glass chevrons donated by the Eglin Chiefs' Group and many other items designed and created by Parks Photo Lab. The private organizations' contribution made the Enlisted Club project a heart-warming success and a reality. 

"The committee's commitment to excellence is not only important for our base and local community, but especially vital for our young airmen and to showcase our proud enlisted heritage throughout these facilities," Sergeant McCabe said. "By 'making history' the committee will hope to capture a sense of enlisted pride to instill in our airman of today, tomorrow, and also to our veterans. The Eglin Enlisted Heritage Committee encompasses this message as a foundation fulfilling Chief McKinley's challenge and direction for other bases to follow."