Eglin Golf Course club champions announced

96th Services Squadron

10/21/2008 - EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- The Eglin Golf Course Club Championship was held Oct. 13 and 14. 

A field of 76 players competed in the championship held on the Falcon Course. Blustery southerly winds kept the weather warm but sent scores soaring as the championship and senior championship flights fought to keep scores under 80. 

Mike Membrilla prevailed to win the club championship shooting 156, while Jack Lancaster overcame the winds to shoot 155 and win the senior championship flight. 

The top 3 in each flight are listed below. 

Championship Flight -Gross scores   Senior Championship Flight-Gross scores
1st Mike Membrilla 156                            1st Jack Lancaster 155
2nd Brandon Britton 158                       * 2nd Tony Childress 156
3rd Lee Jacob 158                                    3rd Robert Hinijosa 158

Super Senior Flight-Net scores              Senior Flight-Net scores
1st Pat Ritchie 133                                    1st Pete Senechal 147*
2nd Billie Kennedy 141                            2nd Gen David Eidaune 147
3rd Bill Hollerman 142                             3rd Phil Kean 149

First Flight-Net scores                              Second Flight-Net scores
1st Dale Mullins 144                                 1st Billy Cole 143
2nd Pete Crump 146                                 2nd Rob Watson 146
3rd RB Watson 148                                   3rd Ken Kaneshiro 147