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Base helping units

This page is a one-stop shop for all base helping organizations and support units for Eglin Air Force Base.  From retirees, communities and especially our service members, help can be found here.

The Helping Agencies Team site is to increase awareness of existing programs and services available to active duty military, guard and reserve, civilians, retirees and family members.

Helping Agencies Team

Airman and Family Readiness Center (850-882-9060)
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment Program (850-883-9352)
American Red Cross (Hero Care Network: 1-877-272-7337; office: 850-387-0887)
Area Defense Counsel  (850-882-4185)
Chapel  (850-882-2111)
Child Development Program (850-883-7425/5519)
Civilian Health Promotion Service (850-883-8024)
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Office
Drug Demand Reduction Program  (850-883-9460)
Employee Assistance Program (866-580-9078)
Equal Opportunity (850-882-4285)
Family Advocacy Program (850-883-8616)
Family Child Care (850-882-2994)
Health Promotion (850-883-8020)
Inspector General (850-882-5966)
Legal Office (850-882-4612)
Mental Health (850-883-8373)
Military One Source (800-342-9647)
School Age Program (850-882-8291)
School Liaison Officer (850-882-4319)
Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program (850-882-7272)
Special Needs Identification Coordination Process (850-882-4342)
Youth Programs (850-882-8212)

Helping Agencies link

Helping Agenices

Eglin Eagle Eyes

Eglin Eagle Eyes