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Welcome to the Team Eglin Public Affairs home page. The goal in public affairs is to tell the Eglin Air Force Base and Air Force story. We also strive to enhance Airman morale by keeping Airmen and their families informed about Air Force issues. Our office is responsible for providing accurate, timely information on Eglin issues, programs and base events to the people in the community and members of the news media.

Media Operations

Media representatives can contact the Media Operations division by calling (850) 882-3931 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After duty hours, an on-call public affairs representative can be reached by calling (850) 883-4020. All media requests must be coordinated through Team Eglin Public Affairs.

The Command Information division of Public Affairs relies on its public website, its facebook page and twitter feed to provide information to the base.

For official photos, call 882-8518.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement division seeks to foster good relations with our local communities. Part of reaching out to the public involves providing Eglin tours for some groups.

Tours must include participants from a cross-section of the community or business leadership. Tours may not be comprised of members from predominantly one organization. Tour groups may not exceed 40 participants and number no less than 25. Tours cannot interfere with Eglin mission requirements. Each group must provide its own bus transportation. All tour groups will have an Eglin escort aboard the bus. Contact the Community Engagement division a minimum of three months prior to the desired tour date at 96tw.pa.officemailaccount@us.af.mil.

In addition to tours, the Community Engagement division manages the guest speaker's program. To request an Eglin speaker, e-mail your request to include event date, organization name and any other particulars of your program to 96tw.pa.officemailaccount@us.af.mil.

Security & Policy Review

Security & Policy

Public Affairs provides security and policy review to ensure only approved information is released to the public.Anything that includes information associated with Eglin, the Air Force, or DoD, plans, policies, programs, operations, budget, personnel or activities should be cleared PRIOR to release, in accordance with AFI 35-102.

What Needs to be Submitted

Briefing slides, charts, photos, videos, speeches, abstracts, manuscripts, technical papers, dissertations, thesis, journal articles, and news releases are examples of material normally submitted.

Submission Process

Route the AF Form-1420 within your organization to show concurrence for public release (Distribution A) this ensures the document is free of OPSEC, classified information, copyright infringement, and endorsement.

A minimum of three signatures is required.For more information on required signatures:  Process without STINFO, Process with STINFO

Allow up to 10 workdays for processing, for local clearance

Rush cases require unit commander/directorate level justification.  Packages can be sent here: 96tw.pa.officemailaccount@us.af.mil.
For FOUO, please call the S&P section at 882-3931.

Flyover Requests

Requests for U.S. Air Force aircraft to participate in airshows or as static displays is managed by the Department of the Air Force. Organizations wishing to feature an Eglin aircraft at their event should visit the Air Force's Aviation Support page, or contact Air Force Aviation Support at SAF/PAN, (703) 695-9776 or 693-2558; DSN 225-9776 or 223-2558; Fax: (703) 693-9601 or DSN 223-9601; or email, aerial.events@pentagon.af.mil.


Freedom of Information Act Office

101 Griffin Way
Bldg 1425, Rm 121A
Eglin AFB, Florida 32542

DSN 872.2155/4440


For more information:
Air Force FOIA Public Liaison Office