Team Eglin Public Affairs

Welcome to the Team Eglin Public Affairs home page. The goal in public affairs is to tell the Eglin Air Force Base and Air Force story. We also strive to enhance Airman morale by keeping Airmen and their families informed about Air Force issues. Our office is responsible for providing accurate, timely information on Eglin issues, programs and base events to the people in the community and members of the news media.

96th Test Wing official photo studio



The 96th Test Wing Photo Studio supports the test wing's units only.  The photography studio is by appointment only. Appointments are available Tuesday - Thursday in 30-minute increments between the hours 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. Studio appointments can be canceled if office manning is reduced due to illness or other mission requirements. The 96th TW/PA office will notify customers of the cancellation and reschedule them for the next available appointment.  

The following are official Air Force photos supported by the 96th TW/PA office:   (All portraits are head/torso as required by AF instruction) 

  • Group level/equivalent officer or civilian leadership (colonel and above)  
  • Squadron leadership teams (CC/CD/SEL/first sergeant)  
  • ​Annual award winner (group level or equivalent and above)   

The following are not considered official requirements: 

  • Photos for SharePoint  
  • MS Teams   
  • Outlook  
  • Internal directories  
  • Just-in-case  
  • Personal use, etc.  
  • Quarterly award winners   
  • Wing, Center, MAJCOM, Air Force, or Defense Department awards packages (outside of annual awards)  

* Exceptions to this policy must be approved by 96th TW deputy commander/executive director.  

Instructions to customers

 Customers should arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment to change uniforms or to ensure their uniform complies with AFI 36-2903, Dress and Appearance of United States Air Force and United States Space Force Personnel. An 8x10 and 5x7 digital photo will either be emailed to the customer during the scheduled appointment or by end of business day. The 96th TW/PA office will not release official photos to Airmen and Guardians not in compliance with AFI 36-2903. The 96th TW/PA office also will not print official photos.  

The studio is located at 101 W. D Ave on the second floor of Bldg. 1, Room 201C across from Public Affairs office at the far end of the hallway next to the elevator. There are no dressing rooms available; however, customers may change in the restroom. There is a mirror available in the studio to check uniforms before the photo is taken.   

To schedule an official photo, call 850-882-3931, or use the Photo Studio appointment scheduler, or click on QR code to access the appointment scheduler.

Flyover Requests

Requests for U.S. Air Force aircraft to participate in airshows or as static displays is managed by the Department of the Air Force. Organizations wishing to feature an Eglin aircraft at their event should visit the Air Force's Aviation Support page, or contact Air Force Aviation Support at SAF/PAN, (703) 695-9776 or 693-2558; DSN 225-9776 or 223-2558; Fax: (703) 693-9601 or DSN 223-9601; or email,

Media Operations

Media representatives can contact the Media Operations division by calling (850) 882-3931 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After duty hours, an on-call public affairs representative can be reached by calling (850) 883-4020. All media requests must be coordinated through Team Eglin Public Affairs.

The Command Information division of Public Affairs relies on its public website, its facebook page and twitter feed to provide information to the base.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement division seeks to foster good relations with our local communities. Part of reaching out to the public involves providing Eglin tours for some groups.

Base Tours:

The Eglin AFB tour program is open from April- October during the calendar year.

Tours are ONLY conducted on Thursdays during the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Tour groups must include a minimum of 20 individuals but no more than 40 (no exceptions)

Public Affairs must receive a completed request form no earlier than 90 days

An Entry Authorization List is required for all tour participants, a list of all individuals (to include bus drivers and chaperones) attending the tour must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the tour or the tour will be cancelled and will not be rescheduled. No additions to the participant list will be permitted within 72 hours of the event.

Please make Public Affairs aware of any tour guests who are officers in the grade of O-6 or above as well as any distinguished persons, award winners, POWs, etc., which will be accompanying your tour. Please notify Public Affairs if any tour guests are not U.S. Citizens.

Tours will not be approved or coordinated until a completed tour request form is received and a date has been approved by Public Affairs.  Submitting a request does not guarantee a date.

Photography on and near the flightline, and in controlled/restricted areas, is prohibited without official written permission.

Tour itineraries are limited and pre-selected based of operations.  If a list of desired AFSCs for cadets is provided in advance, a mentor session will be set up during lunch at the DFAC if possible.

Organizations must provide their own transportation to Eglin AFB; Groups must arrive in commercially-owned buses or vans. Privately owned vehicles are not permitted.

Mission requirements, unavailability of facilities, personnel, government transportation or inclement weather may cause delays or require postponement, rescheduling or short or no-notice cancellations at any time.  All tours are subject to change or cancellation.

Email completely filled out form to:   if a response is not received within 5 business days, please email to check on status.

To request a speaker for a community event, please fill out this form and send to email address above.

Security & Policy Review

Public Affairs provides security and policy review to ensure only approved information is released to the public.Anything that includes information associated with Eglin, the Air Force, or DoD, plans, policies, programs, operations, budget, personnel or activities should be cleared PRIOR to release, in accordance with AFI 35-102.

What Needs to be Submitted

Briefing slides, charts, photos, videos, speeches, abstracts, manuscripts, technical papers, dissertations, thesis, journal articles, and news releases are examples of material normally submitted.

Submission Process

Route the AF Form-1420 within your organization to show concurrence for public release (Distribution A) this ensures the document is free of OPSEC, classified information, copyright infringement, and endorsement.

A minimum of three signatures is required.For more information on required signatures:  Process without STINFO, Process with STINFO

Allow up to 10 workdays for processing, for local clearance

Rush cases require unit commander/directorate level justification.  Packages can be sent here:
For CUI, please call the S&P section at 882-3931.