Test Resource Management Center National Cyber Range Complex Eglin Site

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Core Capabilities

The National Cyber Range Complex (NCRC) is designed to address our nation’s most critical cybersecurity test and evaluation (T&E) and training challenges.  The NCRC is operated by the Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) and authorized to operate by the Intelligence Community (IC) and provides expertise and enterprise infrastructure to plan and execute realistic cybersecurity tests, evaluations, experiments, mission rehearsal exercises and training events.  The NCRC comprises multiple cyber ranges and a secure, distributed network infrastructure that not only connects the cyber ranges but allows for the integration of remote personnel, capabilities and facilities as well.

The range is an operationally representative networked environment with reconfigurable architecture at various classification levels. The facility features radio frequency enabled communications devices and hardware-in-the-loop system components for highly scalable red, blue, and gray commercial as well as government environments. The range has the ability to emulate DOD networks to include network degradation, simulated traffic generation, Public Key Infrastructure and more. 

The range boasts an expert cyber event engineering team with experience in event planning, design, execution support and post execution reporting. Range coordinators securely extend capabilities to remote locales via Joint Information Operations Range and Joint Mission Environment Test Capability with multiple independent levels of security network. The team can support cyber table tops featuring opposing forces and post event analysis.  

The facility features conference space in a variety of sizes and classification levels as well as segregated event rooms within Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility space for special access program execution. JIOR video teleconference, chat, and file sharing capabilities support program execution and debriefing.




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