In the summer of 1977, the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center stood up Detachment 2 at Eglin to meet the growing demand to provide realistic operational testing for new and modified weapon systems. Since then, Detachment 2 has partnered with the warfighter and the developmental test community to provide the most thorough and rigorous operational test programs found anywhere in the world. The primary purpose of operational test and evaluation is to reduce risk in the acquisition process by determining how well systems perform when operated and maintained by military personnel in operational environments. To that end, Detachment 2 has led the way with early involvement in the System Development Process resulting in positive influence of test designs early in program life cycles. The result has been a significant reduction in test duplication while producing higher quality end products for the warfighter at a greatly reduced cost.

Today, Detachment 2 remains at the forefront of modern test innovation by validating new test methodologies and exploring the limits of cutting-edge modeling and simulation technology. Comprised of six divisions, Detachment 2 is tasked with conducting operational test and evaluation on electronic warfare, mission planning, air armament, combat support, special operations, and advanced systems. Results are reported to the Chief of Staff and are used at all levels of the Air Force and Department of Defense to support program decisions that lead to the production and fielding of systems.

Our ultimate customer is the Airman, Soldier, Sailor, or Marine ... our sons and daughters... who will judge our efforts with their battlefield accomplishments ... and their lives!

This is a sacred trust that will not be compromised.