Casualty assistance checklist

Casualty Assistance Checklist & Reporting the death of an Air Force retiree.

Reporting the death of an Air Force retiree can be done by telephoning your local Casualty Assistance Office. Hurlburt's Casualty Services Officer, Vincent A. Filpi can be reached at (850) 884-5280.
Eglin's Casualty Assistance Office phone number is (850) 882-4028

Retiree's Name ______________________________ Social Security # ________________
Serial # (If applicable)______________________
Spouse's Name ______________________________ Social Security # ________________
City, State, Zip Code __________________________________
Date of Birth ______________ Place of Birth _____________________________

Necessary documents for filing death benefit claims
( ) Original or certified copy of DD Form 214, "Report of Separation from active duty." (The original should have been registered in the local courthouse so that multiple copies can be obtained for use by the survivor. Don't give the original copy to anyone, and be sure its location is known to survivor, executor, etc.)
( ) Copy of retirement order.
( ) Copy of death certificate. (The funeral home will obtain as many as needed).
( ) Marriage certificate/divorce decree, if any.
( ) Insurance policy/policies, government and commercial, with local agent's name.
Other important documents or information:
( ) Birth certificates and/or adoption papers, as applicable.
( ) Banks, credit unions, insurance company(s), stockbrokers, addresses, account numbers, etc.
( ) Will and letter of instructions.
( ) Vehicle titles or information on outstanding car loan.
( ) VA letter of award of disability rating, compensation, etc. (This can be helpful if there is an indication of service connection for filing Dependents' Indemnity Compensation Claim (DIC).
( ) MOST RECENT retiree DFAS pay statement

Key Phone Numbers
Eglin Casualty Assistance Office (for help with Benefits) 850-882-4028
Mortuary Affairs (for help with funeral and military honors) 882-2588
AF Times Obituaries Fax Number 1-703-750-8601
Arlington National Cemetery 1-703-695-3250/3255
Barrancas National Cemetery (Pensacola) 1-850-452-3357
Defense Finance & Accounting Service 1-800-321-1080
Eglin Retiree Activities Office 882-5916
Eglin Hospital (Health Benefits) 882-8246
Legal Office (Eglin AFB) 882-4611 (ext 101)
Social Security 1-800-772-1213
VA Regional 1-800-827-1000
VA Eglin Clinic 1-866-520-7359
Army Casualty Assistance 1-334-255-9124
Navy Casualty Assistance 1-850-452-5990