Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office

The Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office, a part of the 96th Test Wing at Eglin AFB, is the USAF center of excellence responsible for managing the aircraft-store compatibility process.

AFSEO Mission: Deliver war-winning capability by efficiently evaluating the integration of state-of-the-art weapons on current and future generation aircraft, providing accurate combat weapon delivery software, while serving as responsible stewards of our nation’s resources.

The SEEK EAGLE Program, detailed in AFI 63-104, is the United States Air Force certification process for determining safe/acceptable carriage and release (employment and jettison) limits, loading and unloading procedures, safe escape parameters, and ballistic accuracy, when applicable, for all stores in specified loading configurations on USAF and foreign military sales aircraft.  Additionally, the process re-evaluates stores after modifications to hardware or software that alter the aerodynamic, structural, or electromagnetic characteristics of the aircraft or store, or the ejection characteristics of the suspension equipment.  Examples of stores include weapons (conventional and nuclear), deployable countermeasures (chaff, flares, towed decoys, etc.), suspension equipment (including lanyards and umbilicals), tanks, and pods carried internally or externally.

The goal of the AFSEO is to be the most agile, trusted, and responsive provider of innovative and cost effective war-winning weapons integration and mission planning solutions in the Department of Defense.  To accomplish this mission, the AFSEO employs digital modeling, simulation, and analysis, as well as ground and flight tests to obtain the data needed to verify safe and acceptable aircraft-store compatibility. 

The AFSEO provides a variety of products which enable system program offices to complete the SEEK EAGLE Program. Additionally, the AFSEO provides a range of engineering and analytical support to developmental store and aircraft system programs, as well as DoD contractors. The AFSEO's engineering core is comprised of technical teams with expertise in the areas listed below:

Store Fit                                                                                                      
* Comprehensive database of 3-dimensional aircraft and store models                              
* Computerized fit checks                                                                            
* Assessment of Store Fit through creation of models from engineering drawings or photogrammetry                                                    

* Database of aerodynamic and ballistic information for munitions
* Mathematical modeling for fuze arming and function
* Software verification/validation for weapon delivery portion of Operational Flight Programs

Store Carriage and Release                                                                       
* Aircraft and store loads                                                                               
* Aircraft flutter                                                                                              
* Vibration                                                                                                      
* Aircraft stability and control                                                                        
* Store Separation Analysis                                                                          
* Ground and Flight Test Support
* Electro-Magnetic/Interference
* Electro-Magnetic/Compatibility

Combat Weapons Delivery Software
* Single Source for aircraft delivery planning for all fighter and bomber mission planning in the USAF
* Supports a wide-range of munitions
* Incorporates USAF-Certified safe escape and safe separation methodology

Safe Escape                                                                                                   
* Minimum Release Altitudes                                                               
* Safe separation times for safe fuze arming                                                  
* Conduct test, chase plane, and aircraft deconfliction analysis                      
Information Based Tools
* Historical data on thousands of compatibility actions for use to clear new configurations by analogy
* Mass and physical measurement with computerized library of over 1,500 stores

Prospective Customers:

The AFSEO assists both DoD and non-DoD customers, as well as Foreign Military Sales cases. Information and data provided early will help the AFSEO expedite your program. For additional information on the AFSEO and requirements for submitting a SEEK EAGLE request click on the PDF.

Contacting AFSEO:

The Requirements and Plans Division is the "Front Door" into the AFSEO and will assist all customer requests. 96 SK/SKW verifies accuracy and completeness of requirements and works with the customer to ensure their needs are met. Contact the 96 SK/SKW Requirements and Plans Division ( as early as possible to avoid delays in your program.