Hurricane Irma update

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  • 96th Weather Squadron
The 96th Weather Squadron issued its latest report/update and projections for Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma's forecast track remains consistent, with minimal impacts to Eglin Test Training Complex expected.  Winds gusting to 40 knots are expected Monday for site D3 (Cape San Blas) and W-151/470 as well as waves of five to seven feet over W-151/470.

On September 8 at 7 a.m., the National Hurricane Center issued an update for Hurricane Irma.  The center of Irma is located at 21.7N and 73.8W, roughly 495 miles Southeast of Miami. The hurricane's intensity remains at 135 kt (155 mph), which is a Category Four hurricane.  The current movement of Irma is towards the West-Northwest at 14 kt.  The forecast hurricane track is West-Northwestward, where the core of Irma will move between the North coast of Cuba and the Bahamas during the next day or two, and be near the Florida Keys and the Southern Florida Peninsula by Sunday morning, as a major Category Four hurricane.

The southern portion of Florida (Miami, Homestead, Key Largo) is less than two days away from experiencing direct impacts from Hurricane Irma. Irma is expected to be a Category Four storm, and impacts to portions of the southern Florida peninsula are extremely likely. The projected track, is for Hurricane Irma to trek west-northwestward, then turn sharply towards the Southern tip of the Florida peninsula.

As Team Eglin assists in the support to evacuees or relief operations to impacted areas, expect minimal weather impacts Friday through Tuesday. Winds will slowly increase to 30-35 kt out of the northwest by Mon, with a chance for showers and thunderstorms Sunday afternoon into Monday morning.

In addition, Hurricane Katia is in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, 700 miles Southwest of ETTC.  It is forecasted to drift Southwestward into Southern Mexico and is not a threat to Eglin. 

Tropical Storm Jose, which is approximately 800 miles southeast of Hurricane Irma, is also in the Atlantic. It is forecast to trek northwestward and impacts to Eglin are unlikely. 

The 96th Test Wing Emergency Management team is conducting training classes on hurricane preparedness today at 10 a.m.  These training classes are informational and are NOT a specific preparatory effort for an imminent hurricane threat.  The classes will be available at the Enlisted Heritage Hall near the Base Exchange.