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HURCON 1 update

Hurricane Michael storm track

Hurricane Michael storm track


Eglin is now in HURCON 1.


Hurricane Michael is now a Category 4  hurricane with winds of up to 140 miles per hour.


The storm continues to move north at 13 mph.  Max sustained winds have increased to 121 knots (140 mph) and remains a Category 4 Major Hurricane.  There have been no changes to the forecast track and landfall as a Category 4 hurricane is anticipated near Panama City around 2 p.m. today.  Forecast peak winds for Eglin are sustained 50 kts (57 mph) with gusts up to 65 kts (75 mph) during this time


As the system nears the Florida Panhandle, impacts to Eglin will be high winds, localized heavy rainfall that can result in flooding, and the potential for isolated tornadoes (especially to the east).


The 96th Test Wing commander will decide about the return to normal base operations Oct. 10 and reporting times for base personnel will be posted on Eglin’s Facebook page and the base website when finalized.


For more information on hurricane conditions and guidelines please check the hurricane page on Eglin’s official website.