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Base program helps special needs families

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The Exceptional Family Program here assists all ID card holders with at least one special needs family member, adult or child.

“We help improve the quality of life for our special needs families,” said Johnathan McDaniel, an EFMP Family Support Office coordinator. “Those families have unique challenges that the program helps them overcome.”

Approximately 800 active duty Air Force families here are enrolled in EFMP, about 10 percent of the base population. 

Eglin’s EFMP team works with military and civilian agencies to provide support for special, medical and educational needs.

Enrollment in EFMP is initiated by the EFMP Medical Office when a special needs diagnosis is made.  Medical professionals work in conjunction with the office to determine whether an EFMP enrollment is necessary.

Once a family member is enrolled, the participant can access EFMP services, including information and referral; agency resources; special education information; and deployment support.  They can also participate in workshops and events.

EFMP also assists with relocation of special needs families.  All parties involved in relocation screenings are notified, so the gaining bases can accommodate them.

"The last thing the military wants to do is relocate a family to a location where their medical needs cannot be met,” McDaniel said.

For more information on EFMP and related events, call 883-4342 or 883-1968.