Innovation idea becomes AF's first local customer service portal

  • Published
  • By Samuel King Jr.

The Military Personnel Flight’s new innovation-funded computer system to streamline customer service functions goes live here August 1.

The system is called the Military Personnel Flight Service Portal and can be accessed by anyone on Eglin’s workforce with CAC access.

The Portal works off a Sharepoint ticket-based system.  People submit a ticket for a personnel action, such as permanent change of station, orders amendments, etc.  The ticket is then routed through to specific technicians that handle that type of action.

The system updates and sends the customer an e-mail each time the ticket moves along its process, so the customer and MPF leadership can view where an action is at any specific time.  An inquiry can also be submitted on behalf of a member by their Customer Support Staff or leadership.

“This provides a level of transparency and accountability the customer and the MPF have never had before,” said Capt. Nikolas Ramos, MPF commander.  “The ability to track these personnel actions in an effective way is a critical step in improving the process for better efficiency.”

Prior to the new Portal, customers would submit an inquiry via an MPF section’s organizational email box.  If a technician began work on that inquiry, it would basically belong to them.  If that technician became ill, or goes on leave etc., that inquiry sits.  With the email system, no other technician would have any insight on where that inquiry is in its process, and neither does the customer.  The MPS Portal eliminates that entirely.

The Portal will now serve as Eglin’s human resources focal point for customer support, career development, force management, personnel systems management and installation personnel readiness functions.

The computer-based customer service platform was pitched and approved for $155,000 through the 96th Test Wing Innovation office in August 2021. 

This is the URL for the new customer service Portal.

Anyone with a possible innovation idea can submit those directly at the link.