Spring into shape with physical activity challenge

  • Published
  • By Sarah Thompson, Associate Program Manager
  • Civilian Health Promotion Services


During the months of May and June, Air Force Civilian Health Promotion Services is encouraging the workforce to improve their overall health by increasing physical activity with a campaign called "Spring Into Shape."

"Participating in the challenge is a great way to help motivate you to make physical activity a part of your everyday routine," said Kim Harris, Eglin’s CHPS coordinator.

The goal of the CHPS Spring Into Shape challenge is not only to increase physical activity, but to encourage a change of mindset towards exercise.  

Join CHPS for the Spring Into Shape challenge and attend the ‘Get Up and Get Moving’ health education class for more tips on how to add variety and fun to a workout routine.

To participate in the Spring Into Shape Physical Activity Challenge:

  1. Visit USAFwellness.com to enroll from April 17-28, 2023.
  2. Print your Spring Into Shape confirmation email and complete an in-person initial check-in with CHPS between April 17-28 to receive the Water Bottle enrollment award.
  3. Perform and log at least 750 minutes (12.50 hours) of physical activity from May 1 - June 11 on the USAFwellness.com Activity Log.
  4. Attend the Spring Into Shape class with CHPS titled “Get Up and Get Moving” from May 1 - June 09. In-person and virtual sessions available.
  5. Attend an in-person check-out event with CHPS from June 20 - June 30 to receive your gym towel completion award.

For more information on healthy lifestyles and physical activity programs, visit USAFwellness.com or call 883-8024.