AFMC Civilians secure Academic Year 24 development opportunities

  • Published
  • By Marisa Alia-Novobilski
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Air Force Materiel Command civilians exceled this year’s Civilian Development program selection cycle, with 598 individuals selected for education and growth opportunities in Academic Year 24.

“We are extremely pleased at having such a large number of our civilians selected as primary or alternates for developmental education this application cycle,” said Tammy Lyons, Deputy Director, AFMC Manpower, Personnel and Services. “The Civilian Development program is extremely competitive. Such a large number of our civilians selected for these leadership and growth opportunities reinforces the high caliber of our AFMC workforce and their drive to excel and seek opportunities to become even better leaders for our command and the Air Force.”

The Civilian Development portfolio consists of educational courses and training designed to meet the developmental needs of the civilian workforce at all levels. Individuals can acquire bachelors and masters degrees at private or military institutions, attend military professional education programs, embark on fellowships with think tanks or industry, partake in a scientist or engineer exchange program or participate in several other professional development opportunities.

Over 1,000 AFMC civilians submitted more than 1,800 applications to a portfolio of 40 diverse program offerings this cycle. Civilians can apply to four programs during a selection year. The 598 selected represent 42% of the 1,427 Department of the Air Force civilians chosen for opportunities program-wide.

Applications for boarded programs such as Air War College, the Department of Defense Executive Leadership Development Program, and the White House Leadership Development Program, among others, are reviewed by a cadre of Senior Executive Staff and general officers. Individual Career Field Teams review applications and place candidates in programs such as Education with Industry, the Civilian Leadership Course, and more.

The DoD will make final selections for the Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program in October. Those selected for the Defense Senior Leader Development Program will begin participation in Academic Year 25, with selections made a year in advance to accommodate the DoD Board timeline.

"Employees support a variety of functional disciplines across varying programs and platforms. I encourage everyone to take advantage of these CD opportunities and to continuously pursue professional development,” said Kathy Watern, Director, AFMC Manpower, Personnel and Services. “You are on an important journey to finding fulfillment, accomplishment, and pride in what you do."

Civilian Development aims to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and ensure civilians can excel in their current positions and gain leadership skills for the future.

The following is a breakdown of AFMC results for Academic Year 2024:

  • Overall program-wide selection results:  DAF Civilians:  1427; AFMC Civilians: 598
  • Non-Boarded (Development Team Approved) Programs: 515 AFMC
    • Primary:  450 AFMC
    • Alternate:  65 AFMC
  • Boarded Enterprise Developmental Programs:
    • Primary:  34 AFMC
    • Alternate:  6 AFMC
  • Boarded Senior Developmental Education:
    • Primary:  10 AFMC
    • Alternate:  3 AFMC
  • Civilian Strategic Leader Program:
    • 7 AFMC
  • Civilian Short Term Experiential Program (Limited to Audit, Financial Management, Force Support, and certain Science and Engineering career fields):
    • 2 AFMC

View a complete list of AFMC Civilian Development Program Academic Year 24 Selectees.

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