25 selected for Senior stripe

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Congratulations to all of Team Eglin's Airmen on their selection for promotion to senior master sergeant.

The overall selection rate was 11.44 percent, with an average selectee score of 398.97.   Selectees’ average time in grade was 4.42 years and time in service was 17.68 years.

Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, Detachment 2

Chelsea Elia

Kenneth McCracken


33rd Fighter Wing

Warren Binyard

Robert Lunsford

Anthony Moore

William Reigle

Justin Stephens


53rd Wing

James Beck

Kimberly Mangum


96th Test Wing

Justin Bennett

LaDonna Ford

Gilberto Garza

Luis Guzman-Castillo

Ashley Hall

Christopher Holloway

Katrina Jenkins

Jesse Menacho

Clara Olmedo

Michael Radcliff

Kenneth Schafer

Noel Shauf

Donald Shoals

Robert Vidales

Darryl Wright


350th Spectrum Warfare Squadron

Theron Lockett


366th Training Squadron

Karen Hubley