Santa Rosa Island trespass violations to be enforced

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EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.– The 96th Security Forces Squadron patrols will cite trespassers at the Santa Rosa Island Closed Test Area to keep them out of Federal property.

People caught trespassing by land or water will receive a $65 fine for each infraction.

There is “no trespass” signage and barriers identifying the closed test area, which stretches west of the El Matador Condominiums in Fort Walton Beach to Navarre Beach.

“It’s not safe for people to ignore the signs and barriers put in place to keep them out of the closed test area,” said Maj. Andrew McFee, 96th SFS commander.  “People put themselves at risk every time they walk past a ‘no trespass’ sign. This area is an active test range with all the associated hazards.”

People trespassing in the closed test area also put a wide range of natural communities, and endangered plants and animal species at risk.

“Eglin’s natural resources office works hard to protect the environment in our closed test areas,” said Eric Sculthorpe, 96th Civil Engineer Group Environmental Management branch chief.  “By looking for a good place to set up for a day at the beach, people not only put themselves at risk, but could end up damaging fragile habitats critical to many plant and animal species.”

Critical takeaways:

•              96th Security Forces Squadron is increasing patrols

•              Signs are posted to keep out of the Santa Rosa Island Closed Test Area

•              This is an active military range

•              People trespassing will be cited and fined $65 for each infraction