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AF announces master, technical sergeant promotion rates

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Air Force selected 6,002 of 24,115 eligible technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant, and 7,314 of 39,797 eligible staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant.

The master sergeant selection rate, 24.89 percent, rose 5.03 percent from last year, while this year's technical sergeant rate, 18.38 percent, rose 1.62 percent.

"The promotion quota was significantly higher this year, which directly relates to the increased promotion percentage," said Chief Master Sgt. Rusty Nicholson, enlisted promotion branch chief at the Air Force Personnel Center here. "A smaller eligibility pool, coupled with increased promotion quota allows the opportunity to promote more enlisted Airmen."

The complete list of selectees is schedlued to be posted on AFPC's enlisted promotions Web page, no later than close of business all on June 14.

The average master sergeant selectee score for the 07E7 master sergeant test cycle was 339.07 points, based on the following:

-- 134.42 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 62.57 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 61.83 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 32.13 Time in Grade
-- 35.46 Time in Service
-- 12.09 Decorations

The average master sergeant selectee has 4.27 years time in grade and 17.02 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to master sergeant from August to July 2008.

The average technical sergeant selectee score for the 07E6 technical sergeant test cycle was 317.17 points, based on the following:

-- 133.30 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 60.86 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 53.90 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 37.98 Time in Grade
-- 24.08 Time in Service
-- 5.40 Decorations

The average technical sergeant selectee has 5.25 years time in grade and 10.91 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to technical sergeant from August to July 2008.

"There are approximately 5,900 non-commissioned officers who haven't tested yet because they are currently deployed or have just returned from a deployment," Chief Nicholson said. "They will be allowed to test once they return and will automatically be considered for supplemental promotion. Supplemental results are announced on a monthly basis until everyone has been considered."

Congratulations to the Eglin technical sergeants promted to master sergeant:

1st Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Alvus Briscoe
Lawrence Page
Joshua VanAuken

9th Special Operations Squadron
Marshall Denys
John O'Connell
Matthew White

16th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Charles Cramer
Adrain Getzlaff
William Mistretta

28th Test Squadron
Terence Welsh

33rd Maintenance Group
George Griffin
John Jordan
James Medley

33rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Charles Arrasmith
Brian Gorrell
Darin Hinnergardt
John Jackson
Bruce Jones
Jeffrey Landry
Keith Lemke
Ernest Penton
Dexter Scott
Jesse Woodriff

33rd Maintenance Operations Squadron
Gary Koestler
Scott Kurth
David Rivera
Robert Sauerbrey
Ann Svitanek

33rd Maintenance Squadron
Katherine Bell
Henton Brodie
Michael Brown
Robert Buff
Billie Clark
Jamie Cummins
Eric Danley
Derek Groeling
Thomas Moss
John Pierson
Christopher Ray
James Rooney
Luz Vining
Richard Vogler
Deborah Wallace

33rd Operations Support Squadron
James Nelson

36th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Chad Bac

40th Flight Test Squadron
Jill Gordon

46th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Neil Carlson
Robert Massengill
Lawrence McIver
Jerryl Schultz
Jerome Smith
Kevin Williams

46th Maintenance Squadron
Bruce Campbell
Samuel Hauge
Gregory Miller

46th Operations Support Squadron
Cynthia Gallegos

53rd Wing
Judi Butler

53rd Electronic warfare Group
Shawn McCarthy

53rd Computer Systems Squadron
Bryan Follmar

58th fighter Squadron
Reginald Floyd

68th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Mark Johns

96th Air Base Wing
Sylvia Logan
James Lovelace

96th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Shauna Bauer
Todd Beal
Ramoane Jordan

96th Civil Engineer Group
Boston Alexander
David Goff

96th Civil Engineer Squadron
Charles Arnold
John Beebe
Dexter Davis
Paul Havens
Noel Murphy
Robert Walker

96th Communications Squadron
Julian Lloyd
Michael Lutz
Sidney Wallace

96th Comptroller Squadron
Melisa Bumgardner

96th Dental Squadron
Keith Briggs
Twila Smith

96th Logistics Readiness Squadron
George Allen
William Bellmore
Stephen Bumgardner
Kelly Dumas
Bernard Lynch
Lashawn Partlow
Diane Robinson
Destry Skweres
John Victor
Chad Wilkey
Jerry Wright

96th Ground Combat Training Squadron
Todd Coning

96th Medical Operations Squadron
Melissa Gee
Kristie Veal

96th Medical Support Squadron
Andres Aquino
Matthew Aupperle
Anthony Cataldo
Lassiter Dent
Thelma James
Matthew Knoll
Jennett Sharratt
Pamela King-Hasberry
Arthur Middleton

96th Security Forces Squadron
Jean Mercier
Lawrence Millard

96th Services Squadron
Annie Galbreath
Calvin Groover
Joseph Newton

96th Surgical Operations Squadron
Alden Bourgeois
Norman Harris
Monica Hill
Dolores Lerschen

704th Mission Support Group
Michael Dambrino

728th Air Control Squadron
Michael Anderson
Alfred Bezio
Robert Lombardi
Benjamin Rector
David Sewell

782nd Test Squadron
Ronnie Sookoo

796th Civil Engineer Squadron
Marvin Caldwell
Carlton Goldbaugh
Lazaro Martin

Air Armament Center
Bryan Cooper

Agile Combat Support Squadron
Wali Lanier

Air-to-Ground Munitions System Wing
James George

Arnold Engineer Development Center
Marvin Gardner
Kimberly Pfender

Air Force Elements U.S. Joint Forces Command
James Rigney

Det. 2, Air Force Operations Test and Evaluation Center
Bradley Miller

Det. 9, Air Combat Command Training Support Squadron
Vickie Caile

Det. 11, Air Force research Laboratory
Robert Harlow
Wesley Schuler

Det. 19, 372nd Training Squadron
Robert Wirthlin 

Congratulations to the Eglin staff sergeants promoted to technical sergeant:

Air Force Research Laboratory

Tony Land
William Lewis
Jacob Wise

Air Force Operations Test and Evaluation Center
Sean Cook

1st Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Daniel Grim
James Johnson
Mark Jones
Anthony Vandersee

9th Special Operation Squadron
Tyler Allan
John Dalmo
David Harwood
Cameron Mann
Monica Maresh

16th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Thomas Flynn
Jason Lilley
Christopher Mendonca
Jason Sandusky
Timothy Schang
Tyrice Thomas
Gabriel Whitman

20th Space Control Squadron
Marcianna Pease

33rd Fighter Wing
Stanislaus Kansiewicz
Johnson Nazareno
Jorge Ortizrivera

33rd Maintenance Group
Talisha Bruce
Ivan Hunt
Mark Lochmaier
Joel Murphy
David Valdez

33rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Todd Bloom
Eddie Brown
Jeremy Buntz
Duncan Cameron
Timothy Carter
Timothy Davis
Charles Ellison
Terrell Fluker
Toby Gagnon
Michael Hutzenbuehler
Montrell Jones
Kevin Mills
Nicholas Noethe
Shakeisha Perkins
Brian Rowlands
Lynard Sears
James Simmons
Paul Siracusa
William Smith
Jeremy Sparkman
William Stringham
Donald Tavano
Ray Waudby
Robert Yates

33rd Maintenance Operations Squadron
Lisa Below
Ronald Campbell
Simone Howard
Robert McGuffin
Priscilla Menchaca

33rd Maintenance Squadron
Stephen Ashurst
Michael Campbell
Jeremy Clements
Theodore Fout
Howard Haverstock
Garry Holman
Jason Hook
Timothy Hoover
Joseph Leaver
Vonerick Plant
James Rice
Robert Rodgers
Andrew Wasson
Andrew Wilson
Jeffrey Woods

33rd Operations Support Squadron
Erin Lasker
Daniel Mallo
Tiffany Shadwick

46th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jerome Anderson
William Carlton
Brant Herbert
Bryan Kolanowski
Jeffrey Kozach
Gustavo Munoz
Antwon Simpson
Keenan Turner

46th Maintenance Operations Squadron
Charles Baker

46th Maintenance Squadron
Wayne Beauchamp
Anson Holyfield
Jeremiah Jones
Kenneth Tottle
Josiah Townsend

46th Opreations Group
Bradley Reeves

46th Operations Support Squadron
Carmen Cintron
Arron Hawkes
Michael Manthey

46th Weather Squadron
Jennifer Ball

53rd Wing
Nicole Ketchen

53rd Computer Systems Squadron
James Lundblade
Leland Studebaker

58th Fighter Squadron
Anthony Brown
Juliea Combs

86th Fighter Weapons Squadron
David Osborne

96th Air Base Wing
Torry Brittain
Angela Dyer
Kionna Thompson

96th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Tracie Bissonnette
Susan Cordova
Celia Watson

96th Civil Engineer Group
Charles Batson
Raymond Chalifoux
Talmadge Harrison
Cory Owens

96th Civil Engineer Squadron
Carri Frederickson
Gabriel Johnson

96th Communications Group
William Jackson

96th Communications Squadron
Levi Abell
Richard Barnes
Joseph Craig
Daniel Kennedy
Kris Oshiro
Curtis Palicka
John Palmisano

96th Comptroller Squadron
Jody Harden

96th Dental Squadron
Andrew Griggs
Belinda Potts

96th Ground Combat Training Squadron
Spence Johnson
Stephen Kelley
Michael Thomas

96th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Jeffery Arnett
Crystal Brown
Christian Castillo
Kay Chau
David Cloyd
Calvin Codrington
Donnie Cross
Keith Holland
James Johnson
Hassen King
Daniel Little
Sarah Marsh
Henry McWhorter
Brent Rouse
Brian Shifflet
Marcus Tinder
Marvin Wallace

96th Medical Operations Squadron
James Belter
Stephanie Belter
Stephanie Newman
Teodoro Nunez
Christopher Seaman
Michael Taylor
Curt Townsend

96th Medical Support Squadron
Charles Dean
Alvin Dye
Tisha Horton
Denise Johnson
Vernon Jones
Darrick Payton
Alicia Walters
Kimberly Warnsley

96th Mission Support Squadron
Brian Davis
Louis Lindsey

96th Security Forces Squadron
Matthew Hoffmann
Allen Horne
Garrett Knight
Michele Stringert
Wayne Taylor

96th Services Squadron
Mohsen Dianat
Eric Heavrin

96th Surgical Operations Squadron
Jenny Hendry
Rodolfo Torres

366th Training Squadron
Jeffrey Barnett
Jason Frederickson
Matthew Rigsby
Jason Warden

372nd Training Squadron
Jason Hammel

728th Air Control Squadron
George Gillikin
Jason Schultz
Lawanda Shaw
Patrick Smith
Reinaldo Torres

780th Test Squadron
Cory Riley

796th Civil Engineer Squadron
Charles Dantzler
Isaiah Maki
Scott Moskowitz
Johnny Smith
David Ulbrich
Ruben Ulibarri
Keith Weber