New cyber test group to stand up

  • Published
  • By Jasmine Porterfield
  • Team Eglin Public Affairs

The Air Force recently approved a new group standup as part of the 96th Test Wing. 


The 96th Cyberspace Test Group will be formed from the existing 46th Test Squadron, located here, and other test units at six separate geographic locations throughout the U.S.


The new group will include three subordinate squadrons: the 45th Test Squadron, 46th Test Squadron and the 47th Cyberspace Test Squadron. Approximately 19 of 50 new positions are projected to be added to the group here over the next five years.  In addition, a business and logistics division will be established here to provide program management, budget and finance, as well as logistics, security and information technology functions.


“Our cyberspace test mission has grown rapidly and its focus is so different from other test squadrons.  It has become increasingly apparent our cyberspace test assets need their own command structure to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency,” said Maj. Gen. David A. Harris, Air Force Test Center commander.


The change brings current AFTC cyberspace test capabilities under a single command structure of the newly formed group, but leaves all the current jobs, missions and assets in place at their current operating locations.


The unit will continue to support its previous initiatives, including command and control; communications; computers; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; cybersecurity operations; and electronic warfare.


“With a global increase in computing power, autonomous systems and networked capabilities, the 96th CTG will test and validate Air Force systems and networks for effectiveness, resiliency and interoperability,” said Brig. Gen. Evan Dertien, 96th Test Wing commander.


This new addition brings the test wing’s group total to eight.  The stand-up adds another layer of testing operations accomplished here as technologies continue to grow and improve.


“We are continually looking for opportunities to leverage our assets and develop synergies that will help us be the best, most efficient test force we can be,” said Harris. “These changes allow us a better balance of management, resources and advocacy across the test enterprise and will make us a more agile tester of choice today and tomorrow.”


The group’s formal activation ceremony is scheduled for early December.