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Testing Operations - Dec, Jan

Operations Group graphic

Operations Group graphic

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Welcome to the monthly mission report for the 96th Operations Group.  These are the tasks Airmen and civilians are progressing on inside the squadrons and units within the group.

780th Test Squadron

Ejection tests

The Ground and Weapons Effects Flight completed 19 static ejection tests.  The tests were to demonstrate the arming generator relocator adapter deployment during temperature conditioned ejections.  It also collected weapon separation data for the Advanced 2K penetrator, Guided Bomb Unit-31 and the BRU-44 bomb rack.

AMRAAM testing

The Air to Air Test Flight completed two captive flight tests collecting data supporting the development of AMRAAM software upgrade.  This data is used to increase confidence in the weapon’s performance prior to taking a live shot.

Small Diameter Bomb testing

The first joint maritime shot with buddy targeting was completed on the SDB-II in December.  Two shots were fired from an F-18 at a metal boat on Eglin’s water range.  Testing continued in January with ripple shots fired from an F-15.

F-15 Operational Flight Program Combined Test Force

Software upgrades

Efforts to push the F-15’s Suite 7C software upgrade continues.  Only 34 of 235 aircraft are still waiting on the upgrade.

Joint Preflight Integration of Munitions and Electronic Systems

Pod testing

The facility supported the Air Force Research Lab in conducting electromagnetic compatibility testing on a modified ALQ-167 pod. The purpose of the test was to provide radiated and conducted emissions measurements to support possible decision to carry the modified ALQ-167 pod on an F-16 aircraft.

40th Flight Test Squadron

Pod Tests

Aircrews performed various flight tests on the F-15E and F-16 LITENING pod upgrades in December.

Aircrews also tested a Sniper Pod upgrade on the A-10, F-16 and F-15Es through December.