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Airman, mother, pro bodybuilder


Allen Ajaye and Lt. Col. Carrie Register, 53rd Wing, pose with the four first place trophies she won last month at the Emerald Coast Classic Pro/Am in the Figure division. The deputy commander of the 53rd Electronic Warfare Group said she was honored by the win. (Courtesy photo)


Lt. Col. Carrie Register, 53rd Electronic Warfare Group deputy commander, might be called by some “superwoman,” but here she’s just referred to as an Airman.

Register, leads over 850 aircrew, engineers, analysts, and tech personnel while managing an almost $50 million budget.  She deployed three times and boasts over 1,600 hours as a B-1 weapons system operator. She is married to the other Lieutenant Colonel Register, is the mother of a 12-year old and a nine-year old, and is now a professional body builder. 

When asked how she does it all, Register simply stated, “I like to say: it’s doable. If you really want something, you make it work.”  

Last month, Register competed at the Emerald Coast Classic Pro/Am in the Figure division. In this class, the judges look for a graceful, strong balance of leanness, healthy muscularity, and conditioning.  She entered four different classes, and won first place in every class – earning the coveted “pro card.”    

“I can tell you, I was super surprised. My goal is first and foremost to be able to be on stage with those amazing ladies and fit in. It was amazing to win,” said Register.

Previously a runner with little interest in lifting, Register was initially drawn into the community in 2014 by a friend whose health and happiness inspired Register to think, “I can do this too.”

Now, her daily routine includes about two hours in the gym, with the five months leading up to a competition expressly focused on preparing.  

“One hour is four percent of your day. That’s it. So I leave before the kids wake up and two hours later I’m showered and sitting down to breakfast with my daughter. So that’s eight percent of my day, and I’m done before my kids ever get up. To me that’s easy. I can get eight percent of my day done, before I ever start my day.”

To her, giving eight percent is more than worth it.  She said it provides her with the personal time, energy, and attitude she needs to be a better Airman and mother. As a deputy group commander, she is essential to ensuring Airman currently deployed and fighting the nation’s adversaries receive the best electronic warfare capabilities. By maintaining and perfecting her own physical resilience, Register said she is able to better perfect the lethality of the warfighter.