On-base weapons safety update

  • Published
  • By Samuel King Jr.

In an effort to affect weapons trends and to educate Team Eglin personnel, the 96th Security Forces Squadron wants to highlight the base’s weapons and firearms policies.

“We want to ensure the Team Eglin community is informed and aware of the base’s procedures,” said Capt. Chandler Harms, 96th SFS operations officer.  “Protection and safety are much easier with a knowledgeable, up-to-date populous.” 

What’s a weapon?

Here’s a list of items considered to be weapons:

 Metallic or brass knuckles



Chemical weapons

Martial arts weapons

Knives (with blade in excess of 3.5 inches)


BB guns

Paintball guns

Firearms / munitions / explosives

Registration and storage

Dorm, billeting and base housing residents must register firearms on an AF Form 1314.  This form requires unit commander or designee signature.  The form must be turned in at the pass and registration office at the East Gate visitor center.

Dorm and billeting residents must store weapons at the 96th SFS armory (Bldg. 272) or off base.

Where can a weapon be?

Weapons or firearms are not allowed in the dorms or billeting.  No exceptions.

Concealed weapons and firearms are not allowed on base at all.

Automatic weapons (Class III) are not allowed on base or on the Eglin reservation.

Weapons, firearms and ammo can be stored in base housing once it’s registered with 96th SFS.

Moving a weapon

Transporting weapons or firearms off base is limited to routes from the places of storage to an authorized installation exit.

When returning the weapon or firearm, inform the entry controller at the gate and use the most direct route to the storage location.

Transport firearms unloaded and in a locked compartment.

For more information or to speak with pass and registration, please call 882-7500.