Breeze Dining Facility best in AFMC

  • Published
  • By Kevin Gaddie
  • Team Eglin Public Affairs

The 96th Force Support Squadron’s Breeze Dining Facility was recently named best dining facility in Air Force Materiel Command.  The squadron is now competing with five installations for the John L. Hennessy Award for best food service operation in the Air Force.

“Winning at the major command level is a great honor, but our attitude of ‘grand slam support’ doesn’t stop with one victory,” said Maj. Jeremy Boeing, 96 FSS commander. “It continues to be the standard at all of our facilities.”

Boeing praised his personnel for their efforts.

“Our Airmen hit home runs day in and day out with their lightning focus and ‘customer first’ attitude,” he said.  “Grand slam support is our motto.  It’s not only the chant at commander’s calls but also the creed that our food service team lives by.”

The Breeze Dining Facility, Lightning Dining Facility and Lift Flight Kitchen were also named best food service operation in AFMC. The squadron previously received the honor in 2013.

The facilities were evaluated Jan. 22-23 by a joint Air Force Services Activity and National Restaurant Association team comprised of four members, Boeing said.

Two senior enlisted members from the Services Activity provided hands-on technical expertise in Air Force Food Service Operations, while two National Restaurant Association civilian members provided their expertise from their experience in the commercial food service industry.

Eighteen FSS members were recognized as Top Performers and two members received the Hennessy Traveler Award, the highest individual award for food service excellence.

“The team was excited to have the evaluators here in their facilities, where they got the chance to demonstrate their day-to-day responsibilities,” said Aubrey Harvey, 96 FSS food service officer.  “The experience definitely made them better as a whole.”

Results from the evaluation will be released in March.