Helping agency provides guidance for life’s challenges

  • Published
  • By Janice Barnes
  • Airman and Family Readiness Center director
The Airman and Family Readiness Center’s Air Force instruction states we support and maintain community mission readiness by "assisting individuals and families with adaptation to the challenges and demands of expeditionary operations and the military lifestyle." 

Those are lofty but accurate words that describe the job of Eglin’s A&FRC. We offer proactive and preventative services to promote Airman and family member self-sufficiency and mission readiness.  It may seem a surprise to see the words "proactive and preventative," as many people come to the A&FRC for emergencies and urgencies. 

A&FRC programs and services are designed to be preventative, to help military members and their families successfully manage the opportunities and challenges of the military life and community.  Whether working with unit leaders, other community agencies, a family, or one-on-one, the A&FRC team facilitates education and training in 14 core areas before there are problems.

The A&FRC is always the right place to go. Functionally, we either do it or know who does it. If we don't know, we will find out.

The A&FRC is available for service members, family members, retirees and DoD civilians at Bldg. 205.  Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.   For more information, call 882-9060.