2011 Critical Days of Summer safety awareness campaign

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Charles R. Davis
  • Commander, Air Armament Center
The safety and well-being of Team Eglin personnel and their family members are essential to mission success.  It is unfortunate that each summer we experience an increase in preventable mishaps between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  This year's Critical Days of Summer begins on May 27 and continues through Sept. 6. 

I challenge my commanders and supervisors to take a proactive approach to mishap prevention. Discuss risk assessment and management with your teams. Have a conversation and be intrusive about summer activities, the potential hazards, and ways to mitigate the risk involved in these activities.  2011 has been designated as the "Year of Motorcycle Safety".  Motorcycle fatalities are up over 150 percent since January 2011 when compared to last year.  These losses are unacceptable for our Air Force. Safe operation on our roads is not only the rider's responsibility; awareness by motorists and pedestrians alike is a must and very often the key to survival!  Driving is a multi-faceted process.  Do not corrupt this process by using your cell phone or attempting to text while operating your vehicle. Drivers must be aware and alert at all times and must limit distractions. Most important of all look twice and save a life.

Team Eglin lost a valuable Wingman during last year's Critical Days of Summer when he lost control of his vehicle on a wet road and departed the road. Commanders and supervisors your leadership is crucial.  Promote a safety culture by getting involved and leading by example.  Together we can make 2011 a fun and enjoyable summer free of mishaps.