AAC commander encourages safety over long weekend

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. C.R. Davis
  • Air Armament Center commander
Once again the final summer holiday, Labor Day weekend, is quickly approaching. It is imperative every Airman pauses to identify and minimize the safety risks that are inherent in all of our Labor Day activities.

Historically, we lose the most Airmen in mishaps that involve motor vehicles and sport bikes. The majority of these mishaps involved some type of reckless behavior--excessive speed, use of alcohol, extreme driving, and failure to wear mandatory personal protective equipment such as helmets or seatbelts. Sadly, a majority of our automobile fatalities involve Airmen who chose not to wear their seatbelt.

Each year, a rise in fatal mishaps occurs during the last few weeks of summer. It is critical we turn this negative trend around and ensure a culture of safety based on risk awareness and prevention, both on and off-duty.

I encourage commanders to be aware of high-risk activities in which your Airmen participate and ensure appropriate risk mitigation steps are in place. This may include a focus on the proper wear of personal protective equipment, operator training, vehicle inspections, and responsible use of alcohol.

As we enter this Labor Day weekend, review your travel plans, safe driving practices, and everyday activities to ensure we are able to return Tuesday and accomplish our mission safely and effectively.

We must do everything possible to avoid preventable mishaps, which are devastating to our units, base community, and Team Eglin family. I'm counting on you to maintain your safety focus this Labor Day weekend.

You are the last line of defense to prevent a mishap-whether at work, driving an automobile, riding a motorcycle, or participating in recreational activities on or in the water. Be smart, be safe, use good judgment and, just as importantly, look out for your fellow Wingmen.

Together, we can save lives!