Surviving the Critical Days of Summer

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. C.R. Davis
  • Air Armament Center commander
In this Year of the Air Force Family, the safety of all Airmen and their loved ones is our number one priority. Each summer from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, Air Force personnel lose their lives to preventable mishaps. Statistics show that mishaps occur more often during this time of year than at any other time.

This year's Critical Days of Summer Safety Campaign starts May 20 and runs through Sept. 6. The campaign targets a reduction in ground mishaps and fatalities while protecting our most valuable resource -- our Airmen and their families. With our beautiful weather here on the Emerald Coast, summer activities are already in full swing and safety efforts need to be stepped up.

The safety and well being of Team Eglin personnel and their family members is extremely important to me. Every single Airman plays a vital role in Eglin's mission and we need you to take care of yourselves. Having spent plenty of time in D.C., I know I will be making the most of every opportunity I have to go kayaking, cycling, and to enjoy the incredible summer activities the Emerald Coast has to offer. I encourage you to do the same. My challenge to you is to do it safely and make this an accident free summer. I need you to think about your actions and develop a plan for success.

As you contemplate diving into unknown depths of water, driving your boat after a few beers or accelerating to 100 mph on your motorcycle, take a step back and ask, "am I applying sound risk management?" Okay, maybe you just need to step back and ask yourself "is this stupid?"

There is no single or simple answer to preventing mishaps, but we must attempt to break the accident chain through personal involvement. Our goal is to enjoy the summer safely. Let's take care of our Air Force Family and look out for each other to help make 2010 mishap free, especially during the "Critical Days of Summer".