Road to a championship: a healthy relationship

  • Published
  • By Leslie Hauser
  • Family Advocacy
How would you like an opportunity to go to the National Championship this year? The chance is yours, for the taking, to actually play on a winning team. The only qualification is to be married, happily or otherwise. 

Think about THIS:

You and your spouse are teammates in the most important game in the world. It's called, Your Life - the National Championship. 

To go the distance and win any game, would you try to run offensive and defensive plays, all by yourself, without your team? Instead, you would huddle-up; strategically plan the next play; and work together, as a team, to be victorious. The team - your marital unit, CAN function just as effectively. 

Why, then, is the family advocacy office bustling with marital issues? Likely, because most teams run, enthusiastically, on to the field without solid coaching. Or maybe they didn't study their playbook. Perhaps one player seems to be a one-man offensive hero, instead of hunkering-down for the best interest of the entire team. 

But, no matter why the team shows-up in my office for 'practice,' the bottom line is they have just given themselves a chance of winning the game. I'm often asked what the top reasons are couples visit me for coaching. They include, but are not limited to: damaging communication patterns; financial disagreement; and infidelity. The challenge we face is many couples don't come in for coaching until the team has all but disintegrated. 

This begs the question, "How do I know when I could use some marital coaching?" If so, give us a call at 883-8616. We'll go the distance, with you, to help your family's team win the championship.