EOHCAMP 2008 - Is your unit prepared?

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Michael Wilson
  • Air Armament Center vice commander and Eglin Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Council ch
I believe that being environmentally compliant with all applicable laws and procedures as well as being good stewards of our environment is just as important as any aspect of our mission. From Monday to Friday next week, we'll take a closer look just how compliant we are.

Eglin environmental compliance and occupational health officials will conduct an internal Environmental Management System Audit, which will include an Environmental and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program evaluation of the base.

Thirteen protocols, which include everything from hazardous materials training to water quality management, will be thoroughly assessed.

Also, the effectiveness of Eglin's Environmental Management System will take center stage in this year's audit. Environmental compliance personnel and the EOHCAMP inspection team will take a closer look at the EMS to ensure it's as efficient as it needs to be to ensure mission sustainment.

Right now, every Eglin unit should be conducting a self inspection to ensure its unit is compliant with all environmental policies and laws that pertain to its mission. Also, Unit environmental coordinators and supervisors should ensure that all environmental training within their units is up to date. Tips on how to prepare are available at https://em.eglin.af.mil/emc/inspect/ecamp/index.asp#about (NOTE: This is a secure website, only viewable from a computer with access to the Eglin network.)

Team Eglin, let us do what it takes to be ready for this internal audit of our environmental compliance. It's important to our readiness, our mission sustainability and our future. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The 2008 EMS Audit and EOHCAMP Assessment has been postponed until further notice. For more information, you may contact Harry Fortenberry at 882-7684 or Ailie Csaszar at 882-7663.