EOHCAMP: An audit of our environmental compliance, mission sustainability

  • Published
  • By Col. Joseph A. Lanni
  • Vice Commander, Air Armament Center & Chairman, Eglin Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health C
In less than three weeks, every Eglin unit and organization will be subject to an evaluation of its compliance with environmental laws and guidelines when Air Force Materiel Command environmental officials visit to conduct an Environmental, (and Occupational Health) Compliance Assessment and Management Program (EOHCAMP) evaluation July 9-13.

Eglin is prepared.

Thirteen protocols, which include hazardous waste management and water quality management, will be thoroughly assessed by a team who knows those processes and programs and how they should work, inside and out.

Eglin is ready.

Why so confident, you ask? Because I know Team Eglin has made all the necessary preparation for this external EOHCAMP. I know the difference between glancing at a regulation and making environmental safety and health part of our lifestyle...and I know that the lifestyle is stressed at all levels of our workforce.

I know that commanders and their Unit Environmental Coordinators, all 98 of them, have been ensuring the finer details of their unit's environmental programs are in order, and are hitting the streets, stressing ownership of the program by everyone. I know they'll continue these efforts right up until showtime when the AFMC team arrives at their unit's doorstep in early July.

That's the kind of effort it will take to ensure success during this evaluation.

I believe that all of Team Eglin understands that the future of this great nation rests in our hands right now and our job #1 is to carry out our mission and protect our country. That requires us to integrate all of our efforts toward conserving our resources...that's natural, infrastructure and human resources that supports and conduct our mission. The EOHCAMP results will give us a clear picture of how well we are doing that now, as well as areas to improve in moving forward.

As we prepare for the upcoming evaluation, let's continue to improve Eglin's Environmental Management System to a benchmark that others will mimic. Our next challenge in that process will begin 9 July.

Team Eglin, continue to do what it takes to be ready for this and future challenges...our workforce, our mission and our nation depend on it.