Labor Day safety

  • Published
  • By Col. Christopher P. Azzano
  • 96th Test Wing commander
The Labor Day holiday weekend is here and it's still too early to declare victory on our Quest for Zero goal for summer safety mishaps.  Accidents have the potential to increase during the summer months, which poses accident prevention challenges for all of us. 

Your Air Force leadership team encourages you to have fun with family, friends and fellow Airmen while remaining focused on safety.

Take responsibility for your own safety and for those around you by rejecting reckless behavior and engaging in risk management.  Commanders should be aware of the high risk activities in which their Airmen participate and ensure that appropriate risk mitigation steps are in place. 

These steps may include the proper use of personal protective equipment, operator training, vehicle inspections, and responsible use of alcohol.  As we enter this holiday weekend, please review your workplace activities, travel plans and driving practices to ensure we are able to accomplish the mission in the safest way possible--whether at home, at work, or on the road.

Please be smart, be safe, use your best judgment and by all means look out for your Wingmen.  Together, we can save lives.