'Making It Happen' one Airman at a time

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. David Harris
  • 96th Test Wing commander
Earlier this year, I asked our former Command Chief Marcus Snoddy to work with our Public Affairs office to create a 96th Test Wing mission video that demonstrates our mission accomplishment as a unified wing. 

While the activation of the 96th Test Wing occurred more than two years ago, the transition to the largest wing in the Department of Defense raised many challenges we continue to work through even today. My goal is to see us move away from former organizational ties and focus on the 96th Test Wing as we set a path toward even greater success in the future.

The video--and a related ongoing campaign--have been created to deliver the message of our united Test Wing and show our Airmen how their role fits into the larger unit.  

Our wing's mission is to support the warfighter through the development and acquisition of war-winning weapons and to provide training resources for the warfighter. More than 25,000 Airmen, civilians and their families support this mission on any given day, and in order to succeed, everyone must play their part. Only when we all work together can we, "Make It Happen."

This means every group, squadron and unit is crucial to creating the framework of a successful test. Just look at some of the stats mentioned in the new video - the Child Development Center contributes 133,750 hours in taking care of our Airmen's children, our maintenance crews load 1.5 million pounds of munitions every year, our Security Forces team spends more than 1.3 million hours securing our base and the numbers go on and on. Over the next six months, we will drive this message further by showcasing the efforts of all our 96th Test Wing squadrons and units through our base website and Team Eglin Facebook page.

As the largest wing in the Air Force, it takes everyone's contributions to fully support the warfighter and accomplish our mission. So first, thank you for your contributions in making our 96th Test Wing one of the best in the Air Force. Second, please take a second to watch the video and think about all you do every day to "Make It Happen."

Link to Mission Video on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEgWbPTCaq4

Link to the Team Eglin Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/teameglin