October is Energy Action Month

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October is Energy Action Month.  With an intention to increase awareness, expand technical insight and foster interest in the multitude of energy challenges facing the country, National Energy Action Month was born to meet the growing need for timely and accurate information about a serious subject affecting everyone.

The federal government sector is the single largest consumer of energy in the U.S.  Within the government, DoD comprises the lion’s share of that total.  The Air Force is the top energy consumer across all DoD agencies.   With annual energy costs exceeding $40 million, Eglin is one of the largest energy users in the Air Force.  Base leadership takes the rising cost and strategic use of mission critical and finite energy resources seriously.   

Energy Action Month 2016 focuses on educating all energy consumers about: past and current energy issues; renewable and innovative technologies.  It encourages conversations about what the future holds for conventional, renewable and alternative energy resources.  As the largest U.S. military installation in the world, these concerns are particularly important to Eglin’s day-to-day operations.  Simply put, energy is the life blood of Eglin’s mission.

The good news for Energy Action Month 2016 is while much remains to be done, Eglin and the 96th Civil Engineer Group’s Energy Office are fully engaged every day in identifying and eliminating unnecessary utility costs; reducing waste through increasing the use of energy-efficient technologies and implementing common sense strategies to reduce energy costs base-wide. 

With the help of advanced technologies like the Energy Management Control System, the 96th CEG saves thousands of dollars monthly by reducing heating, ventilation and air conditioning loads during peak pricing periods when energy is more expensive. This program alone saves Eglin nearly $1 million annually in avoided peak-energy costs, and serves as a powerful tool for the HVAC and electric teams in their daily mission.

Eglin personnel work with many local, state and national partners, including: the Federal Energy Management Program, support fully funded energy projects and develop purchasing guidelines for energy efficient products.  Also, the base ensures Energy Star product specifications for high-efficiency lighting, programmable thermostats and premium efficiency HVAC system technology are used in all projects.

Over the years, Eglin’s energy program has helped reduce energy waste, resulting in a steady decline of actual consumption levels from 1975 to the present.  Though energy prices continue to rise, high-value energy efficiency projects, new technologies and increased awareness through events like Energy Action Month, clearly show DoD and the Air Force are fueling a measureable trend toward success.

While October 2016 is Energy Action Month, Eglin’s energy-smart consumers practice energy conservation all year round.  Alone we may not be able to do much, but collectively we can all do something.  By working together we can make great things happen for Eglin.

Simply put - every watt, every drop and everyone counts!