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  • Protecting Your Skin in Summer

    Dr. Martin Weinstock, chairman of The American Cancer Society's Skin Cancer Advisory Group, states "The healthiest shade of your skin is the color you were born with."Despite that learned piece of advice, most people look forward to the summertime when they can enjoy outdoor activities and recreation. And, many still enjoy the appearance of a
  • Inpatient squadron activates, steamlines medical services

    A recent ceremony marks activation of new medical squadron dedicated solely to inpatient medical care. During an activation ceremony June 29 at the Air Armament Museum, Lt. Col. Corrine Naughton assumed command of the 96th Inpatient Operations Squadron at the Eglin Hospital. The 96th IPTS has three flights that operate within the squadron: the
  • Obey the law: Don't feed the alligators

    Don't call it a comeback, alligators have been here for years. Don't treat them like pets and feed them, either. Feeding alligators is against Florida state law and is hazardous to your health and the alligator's as well. American alligators inhabit nearly every fishing pond and stream on the Eglin reservation and the alligator population has
  • Bald eagles prosper on Eglin

    After almost disappearing from the American scene, the bald eagle's comeback is complete, thanks in part to the Defense Department. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne and other officials made the announcement on Thursday at a ceremonial event held at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. "Today, I am proud to announce the eagle has returned,"
  • Keeping crime rate low is everyone’s job

    The top priority of the 96th Security Forces Squadron is the safety and security of personnel who live and work on base. The gates surrounding the base give people a sense of security, but crime still happens and SFS say it's everyone's responsibility to keep the crime rate low. According to 1st Lt. Robert Przybysz, squadron operations officer,
  • IDs required for children over 10

    What's the best present to give your dependent children for their tenth birthday? A Department of Defense identification card. According to the 96th Security Forces Squadron, all personnel must produce proper credentials to access the base using 100 percent ID checks. "This includes all juveniles10 and older regardless of parental escort," said
  • In control

  • DANGER: Don't feed the bears

    Avid wildlife lovers beware: feeding bears is not advised and can be dangerous to you, the bear, your family and pets. Eglin wildlife management personnel have noticed a surge in Florida black bear movement in and around the Eglin reservation over the past several months and instances of them becoming a nuisance in urban areas have increased. Eglin
  • Duke team strikes out Eglin bowling champions

    Three wing personnel and four other members became this year's Eglin Air Force Base Bowling Champions when they rose from being one of the lowest ranking teams midway to defeating the base' s reigning champions in a tournament that ended May 29. Master Sgts. Steven Bicknell and Jeffrey Norton, 919th Maintenance Squadron maintainers, Senior Airman