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  • OPSEC - a family responsibility

    "Hi ... I'm Jane Doe, 23, married to John, 25. He works in SFS as a gate guard. He is deployed right now and will be home May 10 after being gone for nine months!! We have one son, Johnny, who is 20 months. We have been here for a little over a year. We came from Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota ... we were there for three years. I would like to join
  • Eglin members get work chosen to showcase in AF gallery

    A new Air Force Services Website is giving 11 Eglin artists a chance to share something personal with the world via the Internet...how they see their world. Throughout the ages, art has been a medium people have used to express their views of the world and their reality. From stories being told on the walls of caves to murals being painted on the
  • Blood Pressure and Fitness

    Many individuals pride themselves on being "fit."They exercise and eat right, get plenty of sleep and manage stress relatively well; they even take time off from work on occasion for a vacation. When asked, however, what their normal blood pressure is or what their cholesterol levels are, they are decidedly silent. Their cholesterol levels have
  • DFAS returns to its World Wide Web home

    The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) is returning to its original World Wide Web location May 1. The DFAS Web site will shift to www.dfas.mil from its current location within the Department of Defense (DoD) domain at www.dod.mil/dfas. DFAS officials believe the change will make the Web site easier to find for its customers and
  • Florida governor announces hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday

    Florida Governor Charlie Crist today signed into law House Bill 211 establishing a sales tax holiday from June 1 through June 12, 2007, for hurricane preparedness items. "I urge all Floridians to take advantage of the Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday so that every person is prepared for the possibility of a storm," Governor Crist said. "We
  • Conserving water is a constant goal

    Officials believe that local water conservation efforts are going well, but the effort must continue to conserve one of our most precious natural resources for the future. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Floridan aquifer system is one of world's most productive aquifers. It covers more than 100,000 square miles and supplies water to
  • Airmen hone warrior skills at CST

    "I'm up, they see me, I'm down." This was the mantra an Expeditionary Combat Skills Training instructor advised sixty-one Eglin Airmen to repeat as they faced a new challenge April 20 by tackling a simulated battlefield. The objective on this particular day was for the Airmen to travel in teams of ten to cross the field while defending themselves
  • Reigning champs

  • Eglin 2007 summer hire program cancelled

    The Air Armament Center summer hire program is cancelled this year due to budget cuts. This decision is necessary because the civilian payroll for Eglin's AFMC units has been funded at roughly 92 percent of civilian authorizations, leaving a $5 million deficit as a result of our civilian pay execution at about 6 percent higher than the funding