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  • Absentee voting info ahead of NC primaries

    North Carolina holds a congressional primary June 7. This election date represents a change in the election calendar due to court challenges with the existing redistricting plan. The June 7 primary ballot contains North Carolina state supreme court candidates and U.S. House of Representatives candidates based on the new district lines.Absentee
  • Children's online activities include cell phones

    When considering children's online activities, the cell phone is as equally important. Cell phones have evolved from simple communication devices to mobile, miniature computers.For example, smartphones have operating systems similar to computers that allow users to download programs or "apps." These apps help users do things like access e-mail and
  • Facts about partisan political activity

    As the 2016 presidential election draws near, it's critical all service members and federal civilian employees understand the rules about partisan political activities.  The most important is all personnel are strictly prohibited from engaging in any partisan political activity in the workplace.Partisan political activity refers to any activity
  • Military voting for upcoming primaries

    The 2016 presidential preference and state primaries have begun.  It only takes a few quick steps for a service member to ensure his or her vote is counted, no matter where they are in the world. To register and request a ballot, complete the Federal Post Card Application using the FPCA online assistant; fill out the PDF form; or pick up a hardcopy
  • Zika virus information, prevention

    Outbreaks of Zika virus have been reported in the Americas, Africa, Asia and islands in the Pacific and Caribbean.  There has been no evidence of local transmission in the United States; all cases seen thus far are in those travelers returning from Zika affected areas. The continuing spread of the Zika virus has prompted NORTHCOM and the Department
  • Award evaluation team arrives this week

    Team,January 14 - 15, an evaluation team of four colonels will visit our base to determine the winner of the Commander-In-Chief's Installation Excellence Award.  In addition to the specific areas requested by the evaluators, our plan has them visiting significantly more across Eglin to properly highlight all of the unique mission areas we execute
  • Airman shares family tragedy as "wake up call"

    December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.  For me, this month hits extra close to home and is a constant reminder of the events that took place over a year ago that changed mine, my family's, and two other family's lives forever.  I've kept this tragedy almost entirely to myself, until now. About 98 percent of my patients, and even
  • Sober driving promotion

    AFMC Campaign
  • Dealing with holiday stress

    It's that time of year again.  All things pumpkin spice become all things peppermint; television networks start showing nostalgic, holiday-themed movies; in Northwest Florida, we complain about cold weather while the rest of the country actually deals with winter; and I write the "holiday stress" mental health message. My challenge of course, is to
  • Staying healthy during the holidays

    I have been working here in the health and fitness field for almost 20 years and every year the same question arises - "How do I stay fit through the holidays?" Most people will gain two to three pounds over the holiday season, but there are recommended strategies to stay fit, even when time is tight.My philosophy - anything is better than nothing!