• Fighting back

    The Women’s Equality Day committee hosted two women’s self-defense events at the fitness lab here Aug. 16 and 17. The events were held to celebrate the 97th anniversary of Aug. 26, 1920, the date women were granted the right to vote, known as women’s suffrage.

  • F-35A shows superiority against legacy aircraft

    Imagine yourself in the seat of a fighter jet, tearing through the air at the speed of sound, your own weight pressing against your chest as you fight to breathe against the increased force of gravity.Sweat beads down your forehead as you scan you sensors and outside your canopy for any threats in

  • 33rd FW reaches record number of F-35A sorties

    Members of the 33rd Fighter Wing set a new record of 111 sorties over three days during a sortie surge Aug. 1-3 here.   The purpose of a sortie surge is to test the readiness of maintainers, pilots and aircraft to meet the needs of high-tempo operations. “Thanks to the Nomads for their tremendous