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  • This Memorial Day, reflect on true meaning

    It was nearly 150 years ago that our nation first observed a day of remembrance for those who died in service to the United States of America.Over the years, more than one million American Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Marines and Airmen have given their lives in defense of our great nation.

  • Drinking and driving a commonplace problem

    "This is the first time I have ever driven a vehicle after drinking!"  How many times has this statement been made when someone is charged with a DUI?  What is the probability that the statement is true?  As an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program counselor, I want to address

  • May is Mental Health Month

    Have you ever had "the rug pulled out from under you?"  Have you ever been blindsided by bad news, or maybe realized an important relationship was coming to an end?  Perhaps you've experienced a number of smaller stressors piling up over time? These kinds of things seem to happen at the worst

  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month for the Department of Defense.  This year's theme is "Eliminate Sexual Assault.  Know Your Part.  Do Your Part."Every Airman, at every level of our Air Force, has a unique role in preventing this crime and, when prevention fails, responding to

  • A thank you for hardwork

    As Airmen, two of our most important jobs are caring for each other and maintaining readiness.  Readiness means many different things across the wing, based on your given mission area; however, the one constant is our ability to execute any given mission whenever and wherever called upon. We

  • Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

    What's your job?  Over the years, I've been asked this question countless times whether it be while in-processing new units, deploying, attending professional military education, or while participating in various panels. The answers are as numerous and varied as the titles in the Air Force.  For

  • Holiday reflection illuminates successful year

    Despite the increased activity the holiday season often brings, this time of year also presents an opportunity for reflection. I would like to thank all AFMC personnel for your exceptional dedication and professionalism in meeting our mission of equipping our Air Force for world dominant airpower. I

  • 'Making It Happen' one Airman at a time

    Earlier this year, I asked our former Command Chief Marcus Snoddy to work with our Public Affairs office to create a 96th Test Wing mission video that demonstrates our mission accomplishment as a unified wing. While the activation of the 96th Test Wing occurred more than two years ago, the

  • AFMC encourages safety, drive sober for holidays

    Drinking and driving shatters lives. The nightmare can start with a phone call from law enforcement informing you that a family member has been involved in an alcohol-related accident."Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable and avoidable," said Steve Callon, AFMC Drug Demand Reduction Manager.

  • Eagle Eyes: be observant, report suspicious behavior

    Security Forces defend the base, but everyone can help ensure Eglin is safe and sound through the Air Force Office of Special Investigations' Eagle Eyes program."Eagle Eyes enlists the help of base personnel whether active duty, reservist, family members, or civilian contractors and the civilian