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  • A thank you for hardwork

    As Airmen, two of our most important jobs are caring for each other and maintaining readiness.  Readiness means many different things across the wing, based on your given mission area; however, the one constant is our ability to execute any given mission whenever and wherever called upon. We frequently assess our readiness using exercises and
  • Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

    What's your job?  Over the years, I've been asked this question countless times whether it be while in-processing new units, deploying, attending professional military education, or while participating in various panels. The answers are as numerous and varied as the titles in the Air Force.  For most of us, the answer is easy.  I am a First
  • Holiday reflection illuminates successful year

    Despite the increased activity the holiday season often brings, this time of year also presents an opportunity for reflection. I would like to thank all AFMC personnel for your exceptional dedication and professionalism in meeting our mission of equipping our Air Force for world dominant airpower. I also thank your families and loved ones for their
  • 'Making It Happen' one Airman at a time

    Earlier this year, I asked our former Command Chief Marcus Snoddy to work with our Public Affairs office to create a 96th Test Wing mission video that demonstrates our mission accomplishment as a unified wing. While the activation of the 96th Test Wing occurred more than two years ago, the transition to the largest wing in the Department of Defense
  • AFMC encourages safety, drive sober for holidays

    Drinking and driving shatters lives. The nightmare can start with a phone call from law enforcement informing you that a family member has been involved in an alcohol-related accident."Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable and avoidable," said Steve Callon, AFMC Drug Demand Reduction Manager. "Planning ahead to have a designated sober driver is
  • Eagle Eyes: be observant, report suspicious behavior

    Security Forces defend the base, but everyone can help ensure Eglin is safe and sound through the Air Force Office of Special Investigations' Eagle Eyes program."Eagle Eyes enlists the help of base personnel whether active duty, reservist, family members, or civilian contractors and the civilian communities surrounding the base, to remain vigilant
  • Veterans Day is a day for gratitude

    Every generation hopes that the next will never have to go to war. Yet, as our United States Air Force approaches its 25th year of sustained combat operations, willing men and women from throughout our country continue to answer their nation's call to protect our freedoms.Veterans Day is a time to remember the men and women who have served in our
  • A thank you from the commander

    I want to take a minute to simply say...Thank You.  I'm constantly amazed by the effort, enthusiasm and dedication each of you bring to the mission every day.  Your passion is truly inspiring.At the end of September, I spent the evening with our comptroller and contracting teams as they worked around the clock and into the early morning hours to
  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    Did you know that one in four American women and one in seven men aged 18 and older have survived severe physical violence by an intimate partner? Unfortunately, military members and their families are not left untouched by domestic violence. In 2014, the Eglin Family Advocacy Program received 131 adult maltreatment referrals. Of those, 64 cases
  • Flu vaccines become available

    The Influenza (flu) vaccine will be available beginning Oct. 14 for all eligible beneficiaries at the Eglin Immunization Clinic and Eglin primary care clinics during regular operating hours.Since influenza outbreaks can happen as early as October, everyone is encouraged to get immunized early. Influenza activity typically peaks in January or